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Intercom Full Set

Code : 121
Price : Negotiable

Performance : N/A

Warranty : 1 year

Elevator Intercom & Light Power Supply ‹› LED indicator Soft-start current can reduce the AC input impact effecticly With short-circuit and overload protection Compact size﹐light weight 100%full-load bum-in test Installed with EMI filter﹐mlnlmum wave Use lithium battery, long life Model JYD220/12 Input power AC100-420V Output voltage DC12V/1000ma selected Output current 6VDC: 2.2A, 12VDC: 1.2A, 24VDC: 0.6A Working temperature 0~45℃ Working humidity 10%~95%RH Size (L×W×H) 164 × 80 × 81 mm